What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew is a process to brew coffee without ever coming in contact with hot water. Our coffee grounds are soaked in room temperature or cold water for an extended period of time resulting in a delicious and smooth coffee concentrate (with a lot less acidity), also referred to as "Liquid Gold." You'll notice a huge difference between Cold Brew Coffee and Iced Coffee, which is usually coffee brewed hot and then chilled.

What do I do with the concentrate?

We love cold brew concentrate because it allows you to have a lot more control of your cup of coffee. As a general rule of thumb we suggest to dilute the concentrate with 2-3 parts water or milk to every 1 part concentrate. Tweak to your liking! 

Ok I'm convinced, how do I order? How much does it cost?

Your initial order of 32-oz. of concentrate is $15 and refills are just $13. Free local delivery! Purchase directly through our Order Online page. 

Help! My bottle is almost empty! How do refills work?

Refills are just $13 and can be ordered here.  We'll send you an email when we are ready to deliver and ask you to put your empty bottle on your porch. We'll swap it out with your new bottle, sort of like the milk man! We ask that you rinse out your bottle and leave the lid off to dry. No need to thoroughly clean them, we'll take care of that!

Oh no! I'm not local, can I still enjoy your Cold Brew Concentrate?

Yes! We are now shipping our cold brew in plastic bottles. We ship two bottles at a time, and shipping is included in the price. Order Cold Brew to ship here>  

Can I drink Cold Brew hot?

We think that cold brew is best cold, but you can drink it hot. We recommend adding hot water to your concentrate instead of heating the concentrate itself. 

I have another question...

We'd be happy to answer it, send us an email here: three25coffee@gmail.com

Note: Cold brew is made to order. Please allow 3-4 days for delivery.